Secure Data Eraser

Securely Erase the Data
When you erase a file on your computer, the actual data in the file is not overwritten. The space utilized by that file is simply marked as "free" for use by other data.
Once other data is written in that space, the original data becomes unrecoverable -- by most people. Those little bits of magnetic media that store 0's and 1's are a bit more complex. However, with sensitive and sophisticated equipment, it is theoretically possible to recover data even after it has been written over. The method to securely erase data is to write over the same physical spot on the hard disk multiple times with different patterns, effectively obliterating the magnetic signatures of the data which was once there. Cyber Law Consulting offers Secure Data Erasure Services which includes following:
Wipes entire drive,
Cleans unused space on your hard disk
Removes Internet activities (History, Cookies, Favorites, Temporary Internet Files etc),
Erases System traces and Application traces (MS applications, Email & News, Chat messengers, NetMeeting etc) from your computer.
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Cyber Law Consulting’s Secure Data Erasure Services an extremely powerful and effective file and data cleansing software.

Our Secure Data Erasure helps you to erase only selected files that you want to erase from your hard disk. Our Secure Data Erasure Service ensures complete data destruction by removing previously deleted files / folders. The file eraser utility also wipes free space (unused space) on the hard drive ensuring complete Data Destruction. We erases as many as data or files and folders to be wiped in one go.
To protect your organization's confidential data or your personal privacy, trust on Recover Data as we ensure Secure data Erasure from any kind of storage media and act as a complete hard drive cleansing solution.

Features - Secure Data Erasure
Provides Total Cleaning of Unused Space on Hard Drive Our Secure Data Erasure securely wipes the unused space on your hard disk beyond data recovery capability to avoid all kind of attempts regarding recovery of wiped data through which you can access previously deleted files.
Using Our highly Secured Data Erasure Service will help you to improve Hard drive efficiency due to cleansed hard drive.

Provides Secure Overwriting of Files & Folders and Entire Logical Drive Destroys or erases multiple files and folders through pre-defined task, acting like a Complete Data/File Wiper. Drive Erasure feature cleans entire logical drives for safe disposal and reuse. Boot drive cannot be wiped.
Completely Wipes Application Traces
Completely Erase the information stored in the system when an application is used.
Maintain the confidentiality of the System usage, Files and Applications recently accessed.
Traces of Microsoft Applications, including MS office, MS WordPad, Windows Media Player, Imaging, MS Management Console and NetMeeting can be completely wiped out.
Traces of file sharing applications are erased to secure the system.
Traces of Email & News Applications such as Outlook Express, which include address book, sent mails, deleted mails, outlook express news rule etc.
Chat Messengers
Completely Wipes Internet Traces
Wipe temporary internet files, which store content Internet pages visited, providing complete Internet privacy. Delete cookies, which are small files stored in the system for identification purpose.
Completely Erases auto-fill information entered by user on auto complete forms (username, password and other personal information) and previous search text from search engine boxes.
Wipes History information, which stores links to internet sites recently visited.
Erases the list of all the frequently typed URLs.
Delete/Remove the pages added to the favorite list.
Completely Wipes System Traces
Wipes list of recently used documents,
Wipe Utility removes the list of programs executed in the Run command.
Data moved to the recycle bin is permanently erased beyond recovery.
Wipe Utility provides complete erasure of your system traces by deleting temporary files created by operating system and application programs

Cyber Law Consulting offers Secure Data Erasure Services which includes following…