Data Breach Compliance

Building cybersecurity and Data breach preparedness. We work with in-house legal departments, IT/InfoSec teams, C-suites, and boards of directors on a host of proactive measures to improve preparedness and to effectively manage cyber-risk, including building data security governance and regulatory compliance programs, developing incident response plans and procedures, and conducting tabletop exercises and management training – in both enterprise-wide and product/service-specific contexts. We are also active in coordinating industry cybersecurity and threat information-sharing strategies.

Responding to cyberattacks and Data breach incidents. A cyberattack or security breach requires a coordinated and effective response. We have deep experience across all facets of these bet-the-company events, having handled hundreds of sensitive cybersecurity incidents across industry sectors, threat actors and threat vectors. We position clients to move past incidents as efficiently as possible with minimal impact to operations and brand, and with an enhanced security posture for the future. Our practice covers the following key actions:

  1. directing physical and IT forensics investigations to identify and determine legal obligations efficiently while maintaining confidentiality/privilege
  2. advising on regulatory and contractual data breach notification requirements across the globe, including in the India, USA, EU and Asia;
  3. counseling executive officers and boards on corporate governance and fiduciary responsibilities related to managing cybersecurity risk and in the wake of a cybersecurity incident;
  4. coordinating with domestic and international law enforcement agencies; representing clients in government investigations before the state and federal regulators, and non-U.S. data protection authorities;
  5. defending clients in parallel proceedings, including civil suits and arbitrations, and shareholder derivative