Mobile Forensics

Mobile Forensics is defined as “the science of recovering digital evidence from a mobile phone under forensically sound conditions using accepted methods and useful under law of evidence.” Because there is no standard common operating system for mobile phones (unlike Windows in the world of computers) there is no perfect solution. The software tools differ in the supported models, connection types and cost. Another criterion is whether the evidence they recover can be accepted in court. The ideal solution is to have several different tools available to use.
The ever-changing mobile phone marked with new models released on weekly basis poses a huge challenge to the forensic examiner. Issues of connective and compatibility arise.

Cyber Law Consulting provides following services:
  • Data Extraction from Mobile / Smart Phones, PDAs, GPS navigation devices etc.
  • Data Acquisition and analysis of Phones, SIM Cards and Memory Cards containing information such as Text Messages, MMS, Call logs, Phonebook, Location Information, Subscriber & equipment identifiers, Picture Images, Video Files, Audio Files, Multimedia Messages, Emails, Web Browsing Activities, Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentation Files, User created Files or Folders etc.
  • Recovery of deleted data from Mobile Phone, SIM card, Memory Card etc.
  • Acquiring and analyzing suspected information in mobile devices and smart phones