Mac Analysis:

Collecting and analyzing RAM on a Mac is, not surprisingly, different than it is on a Windows machine. Tools like MacQuisition can assist examiners in acquiring RAM from Mac computers. Some Differences on a Windows machine running a live memory capture is normally fairly easy; as long as the user has logged in as an administrator, a memory capture tool can be run. In order to access RAM on a Mac, examiners need to enter the administrator’s password, regardless of who is logged in to the computer.

Cyber Law Consulting provides following services:

  • Imaging of Memory of the robotic device in question.
  • Cloning of Memory of the robotic device in question.
  • Mobile & GPS imaging and analysis of all versions apple iphones and tabs.
  • Imaging and analysis of all external drives, USB, SD cards, I pods which are exclusively apple compatible.
  • Email Analysis from the email servers which are exclusively configured to apple devices.
  • Confidential reports of the analysis along with findings and suggestions.