''We think of a computer & storage media as being incredibly fast & sophisticated. But as it does more, it actually becomes less secure''

- Adv. Prashant Mali [ President – Cyber Law Consulting ]

Peter Scotch ,a Consultant for the Leading Software Company in California, said ''We've been using email for years, and it's been insecure all that time … If you have any hacker who is competent and targets you, he's going to expose you.''

Not long after then-governor Sarah Palin of Alaska was named the Republican nominee for vice-president last year, someone hacked into her personal Yahoo email accounts. Services such as YourHackerz.com are still active, with names such as ''piratecrackers.com'' and ''hackmail.net''. They boast of having little trouble hacking into such email systems as AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook ,Hotmail e.t.c.

Hacking punishable under Section 43(a) read with S(66) of, The Information Technology Act,2000:

If any person without permission of the owner or any other person who is incharge of a computer, computer system or computer network,- accesses or secures access to such computer, computer system or computer network;.
Whoever commits hacking shall be punished with imprisonment up to three years, or with fine which may extend up to five lakh rupees, or with both.

Cyber Law Consulting helps you in hacking incidents by investigating,filing Police Complaints, liasoning with police and framing litigations against the hacker for bringing him to justice. Also helps you in deriving a fair compensation in case of any cyber contraventions.
We further guide you in framing your policies against hacking attacks and to harden your network .

Our core Experience in dealing with hackers across the world both psychologically and technologically gives our investigation a cutting edge