Forensics Data Recovery

Forensic Data Recovery

Forensic data recovery is a process which is used to retrieve data which will be used for legal purposes. This technique is classically used in criminal or civil investigations which are designed to yield information which can be used in court, although forensic data recovery can also be used by our auditing departments and in a variety of other circumstances. This process is performed by trained technicians who have studied computer science, information technology, and forensics.

Forensic Electronic Data Recovery Plan

  • Development of legal and technical strategies
  • Forensic Tactics
  • Resources including expert forensic legal consulting
  • Assistance with Motion Drafting
  • Electronic Evidence Precedent Information

Cyber Law Consulting is the pioneer in Computer Forensic and Electronic data recovery Services. Our expert consultants are skilled and certified. Along with our experience and expertise in computer forensic data legal matters will help you build your legal case.