Drone Forensics:

A branch of digital forensics encircling the recovery and investigation of drone device found in crimes is referred as “Drone forensics”. Basically drone is wireless device so its forensic is subsystem included in wireless forensic model as a server is also involved in the operation, drone is being controlled by the Server in the ground level. So Drone forensics involves the forensics of the server present at ground level where information is being transferred and stored and the forensic of the drone device. Here the prime focus is to discuss the Forensic Ontology for drone camera.

Cyber Law Consulting provides following services:

  • Imaging of Memory of the robotic device in question.
  • Cloning of Memory of the robotic device in question.
  • Physical hardware analysis of the robotic device in question.
  • Metadata analysis of the robotic devices.
  • IP address tracking of controller of robotic devices.
  • Confidential Reports of the analysis along with findings and suggestions.