Cyber Security & Cyber Law Awareness Training

Cyber Security & Cyber Law awareness is the knowledge that members of every organization should possess regarding the protection of there physical and intangible, especially, information assets . Many organizations apart from decision makers require formal security awareness training for all workers when they join the organization and periodically thereafter.

Topics covered in security awareness training include:

  • The nature of sensitive material and physical assets they may come in contact with, such as trade secrets, privacy concerns and government classified information
  • Employee and contractor responsibilities in handling sensitive information, including review of employee nondisclosure agreements.
  • Requirements for proper handling of sensitive personal data in physical form, including marking, transmission, storage and destruction.
  • Proper methods for protecting sensitive information on computer systems, including password policy and use of two-factor authentication.
  • Other computer security concerns, including malware, phishing, social engineering, etc.
  • Workplace security, including building access, wearing of security badges, reporting of incidents, forbidden articles, etc.
  • Intro to the Indian Cyber Law and types of cyber crimes
  • What are Reasonable Security Practices as per The amended IT Act,2000 & IT Rules of 2011

Consequences of failure to properly protect information, including potential loss of employment, economic consequences to the firm, damage to individuals whose private records are divulged, and possible civil and criminal penalties

Being security aware means you understand that there is the potential for some people to deliberately or accidentally steal, damage, or misuse the data that is stored within a company's computer systems and throughout its organization. Therefore, it would be prudent to support the assets of the institution (information, physical, and personal) by trying to stop that from happening.

'Awareness of the risks and available safeguards is the first line of defence for the security of information systems and networks.'

Cyber Law Consulting with its rich experience in training various corporate & government agencies attunes the syllabus to be covered in the above module with keeping the environment and platforms in use in mind. Cyber Law Consulting consultants study the work pattern and technology used before suggesting a syllabus . Our consultants can train the staff, management and Directors in a language which they understand the best