Cyber Crime Seminars/Workshop

Cyber Crime in India is rapidly evolving from simple instances where offenders send obscene e-mails, hoaxes and fake e-mails to receive personal information to more serious offenses like identity theft, hacking, kidnapping, theft of information/source, e-mail bombing to crashing servers, denial-of-service attacks, etc. According to analysts at the Indian Institute of Science, tax evasion, cheating on the Net, identity theft, child pornography and other Cybercrimes cause a loss of $50 billion annually. Presently network vulnerabilities are increasing at a rate of over 40% year-on-year.

The biggest difference between today’s scenario and what is to come is that the majority of crimes in the past and present have been voluntary in nature, in the sense that no crime was committed unless the victim responded by clicking on a link, replying to a hoax, etc. The future is likely to be more alarming in the sense that crimes will be committed without the knowledge and cooperation of the victim. Preventing cyber crime in the future will require stringent e-security rather than plain human prudence.
Cyber Law Consulting has core domain experience when it comes to conducting seminars and workshops related to cyber crime, it has demonstrated its expertise & lucidity by conducting high profile cyber crime seminars for Law and Enforcement Agencies and various Government bodies, Councils, Corporate etc. Seminars are Conducted in English, German, Marathi, Hindi & Gujarati Languages