Bail or Anticipatory Bail for IT Act,2000 Matters(Data Theft, Software Piracy, Obscenity, Hacking, Pornography and all Cyber Crime & IPR Violation Matters)

We have successfully argued across courts in India and secured Bail and anticipatory bails in complicated cases involving sections of The IT Act,2000(Cyber Law) and Matters of Electronic Evidences. Bails and Anticipatory Bails can be Granted by Courts of Sessions or High Courts in following matters :

1. Data Theft 2.Hacking 3. Computer Theft 4. Cyber Defamation 5. Social Media Abuse 6. Obscenity Matters 7. Pornography Related Matters 8. Online Gambling 9. Denial of Service 10. Software Piracy 11. Copyright Violation 12. Online Banking Theft crimes 13. Cyber frauds 14. Credit Card Frauds 15. Spreading of Virus etc

BAIL in a IT Act,2000(cyber Law) case means an order of release of a person from prison and forms an integral part of our criminal justice system which assumes every man innocent until (conclusively) proven guilty. Bail is granted during the pendency of the trial or an appeal. Before bail is granted to the accused, a surety gives a guarantee to the Court that the accused will appear in the Court as and when required. Moreover, a sum of money is to be deposited to ensure his appearance before the Court, which otherwise stands forfeit

Anticipatory bail in a IT Act,2000(cyber Law) case is a bail that is applied for prior to ones arrest or detention by an authority, but in anticipation of the same. Section 438 of the Criminal Procedure Code prescribes that a person may apply to an appropriate High Court or Court of Sessions for anticipatory bail when he has reason to believe that he may be arrested on accusation of having committed a non-bailable offence (note that this provision does not apply in every state in India). The filing of an FIR is not a mandatory pre-condition for the filing of an application for anticipatory bail. When directing the grant of anticipatory bail, the Court may set such conditions as it deems fit.