Adjudication Matters with The Adjudicator

Adjudication is the legal process by which an adjudicator appointed under Section 46 of The IT Act, 2000 (i.e. IT Secretary of The State) reviews evidence and argumentation including legal reasoning set forth by opposing parties or litigants to come to a decision whether contraventions mentioned under The IT Act, 2000 had taken place between the parties involved.
Matters Which can be admitted by the adjudicator
1. Credit Card fraud 2. Illegal Online Bank Transfer 3. Data Theft 4. Hacking 5. Defamation 6.Denial of Service 7. Domain Theft 8. Spreading of Virus 9.Source Code Theft 10.Computer Theft 11.Identity Theft 12. Data Deletion 13. Stealing of database/Database Theft etc
Cyber Law Consulting (Advocates & Attorneys) have advocates on roll who have rich domain experience in handling various matters with the adjudicator. We have instrumental getting Landmark orders for our clients.We are proven cyber law expert lawyers in the country and in Maharashtra, we represent various clients before the adjudicator appointed under the IT Act,2000. Various services we provide, includes drafting of compliant, filing of complaint with the adjudicator, arguing before the adjudicating officer, filing reply before adjudicator, filing revision application before the adjudicator, filing appeal before cyber appellate tribunal

Indicative Court Fees to be paid for filing matters with the adjudicating officer
Rs.5000/- For Rs.1 Lakh Compensation seeked
Rs.3000/- per lakh for every one lakh there after

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