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Cyber Law Consulting is an award winning Techno legal / law firm.We are experts and practice as well as litigate in the areas of cyber security, cyber crimes, IT Act, 2000 (Data theft, Source code theft, Hacking, DDoS, Ransomeware, Virus, Pornography laws, facebook abuse, online defamation, child pornography laws, Cyber stalking, revenge porn, Ecommerce laws,), IPR (Trademark & Copyright registration and cases), Financial & EOW.crimes (Online Banking frauds, Crptocurrency &Blockchain, AI, credit card frauds, email fraud, matrimonial frauds, Stock market frauds, MLM frauds), Privacy law, Digital Wallet issues, Electronic evidence issues, IT Act, 2000 Compliance and Privacy Law Compliance.We provide expert opinion on various matters where ever technology and law intersects. We practice in different courts across the country as expert legal counsels. We take matters pertaining to Expert Arguments, Bails, Cross Examinations, Appeals, Drafting & vetting of petitions involving technology, electronic evidence.

Presidents Profile

Advocate (Dr.) Prashant Mali Ph.D in International Cyber Law
Advocate (Dr. ) Prashant Mali is an Internationally renowned Cyber Law, Cyber Security & Privacy Expert, Author & Bombay High Court Practicing Lawyer based out of Mumbai, India. He has been awarded as "Cyber Security Lawyer of the year-India by Financial Monthly magazine of UK (2016). He has also been awarded as "Cyber Security & Cyber Law Lawyer of The Year:2014" by Indian National Bar Association. He is Ph.D. in Cyberwarfare and International cyber law, He is Masters in Computer Science & Masters in Law with certification in Computer Forensics & Systems Audit. He is PG Cert in Cyber Defence from Cranfield University (UK) with working experience in the field of IT Security & Law for more than 25 Yrs. He has been interviewed by leading TV Channels. He regularly writes for leading magazines and is considered most influential leader in the field of cyber and privacy. He has authored 6 books on Cyber Crimes,Cyber Laws & Privacy. He is a legal adviser to Police, Govt. Companies, MNC's, Corporates and represents them in various courts. He has successfully argued and got decisions in landmark cyber cases as a legal counsel. He was invited by Oxford University to present a paper on "Cyber Terrorism & International Law" and his abstract of Research paper namely "Defining Cyber Weapon A techno Legal perspective" was selected by NATO's Cyber Conflict Centre in Tallinn, Estonia. His Research Interests are in Cyber warfare, Cyber Security, Cyber weapons and International Cyber Law, has published 15 research papers. He is passionate speaker and invited in many National and International Conferences as key note on topics like Electronic evidence, Cyber Laws, Cyber Insurance, Social Media, eCommerce, Cyber security policy & IPR. He is Chevening(UK) Cyber Security Fellow and Participant of IVLP (USA) in "Linking Digital Policy to Cyber Crime Enforcement".ld

Legal Consultants

Advocate Arvind Bedekar (Sr. Attorney) - BSc., LLB, MLS [30 years in Practice]
Advocate Anil Manke (SR. Attorney - Legal Compliance) - BSc., LLB, Dip in cyber laws [30 years Experience]
Advocate Narayan Iyer (Sr. Attorney for District Courts) – BA, LLB [25 years in Practice]
Advocate B W Gaikawad (Sr. Attorney) - BA, LLB [30 years in practice]
Advocate Manoj Gorkela (Attorney at Supreme Court) - PGDCA, BSLS(Hons), LLB(Hons) [17 years in Practice]
Advocate Tejal Patel (Lead Practice - IPR) - M.Com, DCP, LLB, LLM, PG Dip. in Cyber Law, Trademark Attorney [13 years in Practice]
Advocate Sanika Sheth, Associate Lawyer - LLB,LLM, PG in Cyber Laws
Advocate Amit K (Banking & Privacy Consultant)-BE, MBA, CFE, LLB
Advocate Madhavi Bhoir (Attorney for District Courts) - BA, LLB
Advocate Keshav Principal Consultant (Data Protection Privacy Laws) - Btech, LLB
Advocate Aditya Ghughe Associate Lawyer - Btech, LLb, LLM, PG in cyber laws Juniors - 7 Nos.

Lead Consultants

Mr. Vidhan Srivastava [FCA, CISA, CISM, CISSP, CFE, ISO 27001 LA] [35 years Experience]
Mr. Shovan Pattanayak - Head Training & Investigations [25 years Experience ]
Mr. Vijay Shetty [FCA, LLB, DISA, CISA] [25 years Experience ]
Ms. Jayashree Dhere [M.Sc.(Phy), PGCST(NCST), CISA, BS7799 LA, ISO27001 LA [30 yrs Experience]


Ms. Poonam Sawant (Forensic Investigator)

Cyber Crime Investigators and Audiitors Empaneled :-

20 Nos.

Worked with Clients like

Bharti Airtel Ltd, VSNL, MTNL, Nokia, Siemens Ltd., CIPLA, Mastek Ltd, UTI, Deloitte, NSDL, OpstoX, NSE
IBM Global Services, UTI TSL, L&T ITL, Unikenn Technologies, Mind Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, WIPRO, Tally Solutions
BALAJI TeleFilms, Zapak Digital Ent., Ayesha Shroff, Poonam Pandey
Bank of Maharashtra, GP Parsik Bank, Credit Agricole, Mumbai Bank, IndusInd Bank, SVC Bank, St. Bank of Mauritus
General Insurance Company, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, SBI Life, JM Financial
Reliance Jio, Aditya Birla Group, Hiranandani Group, Camilin Group, Bohler Group
Government & Law Enforcement Agencies, Universities, Maharashtra Police etc. LLB