Blog Editorial Policy

Aims & Scope
Welcome to Cyber Law Consulting's Blog Submission Platform! We are dedicated to providing a platform encouraging insightful discussions and thought-provoking content. To ensure a positive and enriching experience for our readers, contributors, and the broader community, we have established the following editorial policies outlining the aims and scope of our blog.

Open Access Policy
At Cyber Law Consulting's Blog, we believe in the power of open access to foster knowledge dissemination and collaboration. In alignment with our commitment to transparency and accessibility, our blog operates under an open-access policy. All content published on our platform is freely accessible to the public without subscription fees or access barriers. We believe that information should be shared and disseminated widely, enabling a global audience to benefit from diverse perspectives and insights. This open-access philosophy promotes inclusivity and encourages the exchange of ideas, innovation, and the collective advancement of knowledge across various industries. We invite contributors to join us in this collaborative journey, contributing to the free flow of information and the enrichment of our global community.

Editorial Process

  • On receiving a submission, the designated Editor undertakes a preliminary assessment of the manuscript to check whether the paper is of suitable length and falls within the Blog’s mandate. Submissions may be preliminarily rejected if the topic does not fit the Focus and Scope of the laws dealt with in the Firm. Furthermore, the Editor will review the manuscript for relevancy, language and grammar, research depth, clarity and argumentation structure. This should take around one week.
  • The Chief Editor and Deputy Chief Editor will review the submission individually and either accept, reject or recommend the manuscript for a second review, subject to changes. In addition to reviewing the manuscript, novelty of thought would be considered. In case of acceptance, authors will receive suggestions from Editors on incorporating modifications to improve the manuscript. These have to be complied with within the stipulated working days mentioned by the designated Editor. In case of rejection, the authors will receive mail explaining the reason for rejection.
  • We aim to complete this second stage of the review process within 7-10 working days.
  • If there are any minor changes or the paper was sent back with recommendations to modify, after re-submission, the Editor will do a quick review of the paper for citation, spelling, and grammar along with consistency in style and tone, which will be sent back to the Author for confirmation before the publication goes to print.

  • Note: The Editor is permitted to make changes in the paper regarding any new updates, crucial missing content, etc.

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