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We are the India's premier Cyber Law, Financial Frauds, Media-Entertainment, e-Drafting, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics & Privacy Law related Law firm & Legal Consultants and are pioneers since the inception of the cyber space serving Government Companies, Corporates & Individuals. We are India's expert Cyber Law/ cyberlaw/cyber crime  Advocates & IPR Attorneys. We are best cyber lawyers & financial crime lawyers. We investigate and also help people & corporate lodge police complaints in cyber cell or cyber police station or courts in Mumbai & India for various cyber crimes.  We do IT Act, 2000 Compliance  for organizations and websites. We draft national & international notices, agreements, contracts, covenants with a flare. We handle high value financial ,credit card, online & telecom frauds. We take software piracy, data theft, eCommerce, facebook abuse, fraud related cases. We also provide Litigation Support and give Expert Opinion in Cyber Security Matters Internationally. We also register Trade Mark & Copyright.                

Cyber Crime Articles
Software Piracy & Indian Law
By Advocate Prashant Mali (Cyber Law Expert)
Various Article published in leading magazines of India, topics like s/w piracy,cloud computing & law,Econtract 
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IT Act,2000 & IT Rules
The Information Technology Act,2000 as amended by The Information Technology (Amendment) Act,2008
[IT Act,2000]
IT (Amendment) Act 2008 is now in force from 27th Oct 2009
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Cyber Cases
Unique cyber law / IT Act,2000 cases which decide certain questions of law
Is ATM Machine a Computer ? case ?
Online obscenity?
hacking case law
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Awareness on Cyber Security & Cyber Law most important
Bundle of articles By Adv Prashant Mali In various Magazines.

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Cyber Crimes Not Yet Solved By Advocate Prashant Mali
(Cyber Law Expert)
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