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We are the India's premier Cyber Law, Financial Frauds, Media-Entertainment, e-Drafting, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics & Privacy Law related Law firm & Legal Consultants and are pioneers since the inception of the cyber space serving Government Companies, Corporates & Individuals ....

We are Indias expert Cyber Law/ cyberlaw/cyber crime  Advocates & IPR Attorneys. We are best cyber lawyers & financial crime lawyers. We investigate and also help people & corporate lodge police complaints in cyber cell or cyber police station or courts in Mumbai & India for various cyber crimes.  We do IT Act, 2000 Compliance  for organizations and websites. We draft national & international notices, agreements, contracts, covenants with a flare. We handle high value financial ,credit card, online & telecom frauds. We take software piracy, data theft, eCommerce, facebook abuse, fraud related cases. We also provide Litigation Support and give Expert Opinion            We also register Trade Mark & Copyright.                

Cyber Crime Articles
Software Piracy & Indian Law
By Advocate Prashant Mali (Cyber Law Expert)

Various Article published in leading magazines of India, topics like s/w piracy,cloud computing & law,Econtract 
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IT Act,2000 & IT Rules
The Information Technology Act,2000 as amended by The Information Technology (Amendment) Act,2008
[IT Act,2000]
IT (Amendment) Act 2008 is now in force from 27th Oct 2009
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Cyber Cases
Unique cyber law / IT Act,2000 cases which decide certain questions of law
Is ATM Machine a Computer ? case ?
Online obscenity?
hacking case law
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Awareness on Cyber Security & Cyber Law most important
Bundle of articles By Adv Prashant Mali In various Magazines.

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Cyber Crimes Not Yet Solved By Advocate Prashant Mali
(Cyber Law Expert)
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